Land Title: Environmental Science: Systems and Solutions, Fourth Edition Authors: Michael I. McKinney, Robert M. Schoch, Logan Yonavjak
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The following sites offer the best and most current news on environmental issues and events. If you're aware of other sites that provide updates on environmental issues, please use the Jones and Bartlett Comment form to let us know.

ENS-News The Environment News Service (ENS) presents late-breaking international, environmental news in a fair and balanced manner.

CNN-Scienceand Nature CNN provides news stories on a variety of environmental topics in the CNN Science and Technology section.

The Environmental News Network (ENN) Online The Environmental News Network (ENN) Online, billed as "the environmental science supersite," includes much free information and various resources and links. A good place to simply browse.

Nature Magazine The international weekly science journal Nature covers all fields of science, including environmental science. The Nature Magazine web site always includes many recent articles pertinent to the field of environmental science.

Science Online  The weekly journal Science also covers the range of fields in science. At Science Online, you will consistently find articles that are of interest to environmentalists.  

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