Environmental Oceanography: Topics and Analysis
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1:  Compared with other fossil fuels, about how much energy could be obtained from methane hydrates?

2:  The Gulf of Mexico is described as an “unusual setting.” In what ways is it unusual?

3:  What did the methane hydrates look like from a submersible?

4:  Natural gas or methane is repeatedly referred to as the “cleanest fossil fuel.” What do you think this means?

5:  What did the interviewer mean when he asked if mining methane hydrates was “opening a Pandora’s Box”?

6:  Describe how the horse mussel (Modiolus) uses methane as its own energy source.

7:  How does the methane in the methane hydrates form?

8:  Caller Alfredo was concerned with the lack of focus on population control and energy conservation. How were his concerns addressed? Were you satisfi ed with the answers? Why or why not?

9:  Would you describe the panelists as “cheerleaders,” scientists, or skeptics? Support your answer.

10:  How many times in the discussion was the environmental impact on the sea fl oor from removing the methane hydrates mentioned?

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