Environmental Oceanography: Topics and Analysis
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1:  How deep would a pipe have to be sunk to extract water of a sufficiently cold temperature, assuming that warm water was used from 20 meters?

2:  What is today’s price of oil on the world market?

3:  What is the Gaia hypothesis?

4:  How does the Gaia hypothesis differ from a scientifi c theory?

5:  Where is Dr. Lovelock employed? What is his specialty, and where did his article appear?

6:  What was Lovelock’s target date for seeing large-scale human migrations to escape the hotter temperatures caused by climate change if nothing is done?

7:  What does Dr. Lovelock refer to as the climate change “canary in the coal mine?”

8:  Why does Dr. Lovelock propose that deeper ocean water needs to be “stirred up” to address climate change?

9:  What is one objection to Dr. Lovelock’s proposal, involving carbon dioxide in deeper ocean water?

10:  What did Dr. Lovelock mean when he said his proposal would “use the Earth to cure its own problem?”

11:  Why did Dr. Lovelock propose to test his idea near some coral reefs threatened by bleaching?

12:  How did the speakers describe the potential off the U.S. coast for ocean energy?

13:  How did Dr. Taylor describe the principle of using wave energy to produce electricity?

14:  How much electricity does each buoy produce?

15:  How did Dr. Taylor describe the advantages of wave energy?

16:  What was the cost of electricity Dr. Taylor was aiming for, and when did he think his company would achieve it?

17:  How could electricity produced by wave energy contribute to marine transport?

18:  Why are sophisticated computers needed to convert the wave energy to electricity?

19:  Where is the first tidal power project in the United States located?

20:  What was Texas’ rank as of 2005 in total wind energy produced?

21:  How would wind turbines in the proposed array react to hurricanes?

22:  How far does Texas’ control extend offshore?

23:  What organization won the 2005 Leadership Award for Renewable Energy?

24:  How many wind turbines were proposed for the “wind farm” off Galveston, and how many homes would they serve?

25:  There are about 100,000,000 “households” in the United States. How many similar arrays would be needed to provide all homes renewable wind energy (assuming that the wind blew all the time, or the electricity could be stored)?

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