Environmental Oceanography: Topics and Analysis
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1:  Convert 30,000 acres to square meters (1 acre 4047 m2). How many square meters were covered by Caulerpa in 2004?

2:  Why has Caulerpa spread so rapidly in temperate waters?

3:  What effect might the spread of Caulerpa have on Mediterranean fi sh stocks?

4:  Should Caulerpa infestations in temperate waters be controlled by importing herbivores from the tropics? List advantages and disadvantages to such a strategy, if feasible.

5:  How extensive an area was covered by the underwater tarp?

6:  As of 2004, what area, in acres, of the Mediterranean was infested with Caulerpa?

7:  How did the state of California kill the invasive seaweed?

8:  What dilemma did state offi cials face arising out of their successful eradication program?

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