Environmental Oceanography: Topics and Analysis
For Students

Issues Questions

The Issues Questions present realistic situations that you may later encounter. The questions following each scenario help you analyze the situation.

Issue 1 :Population Growth: Overview and Global Trends
Issue 2: Coastal Population Growth: Bangladesh and Miami, FL
Issue 3: What's Up, Dock? Unsustainable Coastal Development
Issue 4: What Causes Climate Change?
Issue 5: Sea Level Rise
Issue 6: Climate Change and the North Atlantic Circulation
Issue 7: Is Global Warming Causing More Intense and Frequent Hurricanes
Issue 8: Moms and POPs: Toxic Chemicals in Seawater
Issue 9: Just Crusin': The Environmental Impact of "Cities at Sea" and Cargo Ships
Issue 10: Human Impacts on Estuaries
Issue 11: Dead Zones
Issue 12: High Micgratory Fishes
Issue 13: The Demise of Sharks
Issue 14: Lifestyles of the Large and Blubbery: Of Blue Whales and Krill
Issue 15: Oceans Without Cetaceans? The Impact of High-Intensity Sonar
Issue 16: Coral Rocks! The Value of the World's Coral Reefs
Issue 17: W(h)ither the Mangroves?
Issue 18: Catch of the Day: The State of Global Fisheries
Issue 19: Bycatch or Bykill? Dolphin-Safe Tune and Turtle-Safe Shrimp
issue 20: Tragedy of the Trawl: Clearcutting the Ocean Floor
Issue 21: Can Aquaculture Replace Capture Fisheries
Issue 22: Veined Rapa Whelk in Chesapeake Bay
Issue 23: Caulerpa in the Mediterranean
Issue 24: Renewable Energy From the Sea: Is it Limitless
Issue 25: Methane Hydrates - Energy Boom or Climate Bust?
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