Environmental Oceanography: Topics and Analysis
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Chapter Questions

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1:  What food is eaten directly by adult herring?

2:  How many different organisms feed on ringed seals?

3:  What are the animals that feed on benthic invertebrates?

4:  What is the food of the beluga whale?

5:  What is the importance of the Capelin sand eel to this food web?

6:  How many diatoms would be found in one liter (recall that there are 1,000, or 103 ml, in a L)?

7:  How many diatoms would be found in each cubic meter of seawater?

8:  Finally, assume a diatom bloom covered 1 km2 to a depth of one m. How many diatoms would make up this bloom (recall that 1 km2 = 1,000 m × 1,000 m = 1 million m2)?

9:  Look again at Figure 7-10B. Describe the appearance of the lionfi sh. Is it well-camoufl aged or distinctive?

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