Waterfall Environmental Science, Eighth Edition
Student Resources

Environmental Assessment Resource Guide

By US EPA and Purdue University. EARG is a generic source of information to help one conduct environmental assessments of virtually any type of project. Topics covered include scoping, generation of alternatives, impact identification and analysis, mitigation, decision making and post-decision analysis.

Environmental Planning for Small Communities (TRILOGY)

Assists communities in judging their own needs and preferences and allows them to make informed decisions on their own. Covers environmental laws and regulations, self-assessment, planning and comparative risk analysis and case studies. Each section has interactive tools. It very large (12 MB compressed and 40 MB uncompressed). Major sections cover:

1. Environmental laws and regulations
2. Self-assessment
3. Planning and comparative risk analysis
4. Financial tools and financial self-analysis
5. Case studies
6. Contact and information directory

Mission 3R - A Challenge for Change

Residential Water Conservation Techniques

By US EPA and Purdue University. Shows effective ways to save water inside and outside the house. The expert system feature allows users to calculate how much you can save by installing water efficient devices in your homes.

Residential Energy Efficiency

By US EPA and Purdue University. "This program shows effective ways to reduce home energy consumption. The expert system feature allows users to calculate how much they will save by making their homes more energy efficient."

Home Energy Checkup

Alliance to Save Energy's software to determine whether a home or business is energy efficient. Requires user to input details about the residence, energy usage, and energy costs/per unit in the local area.


Recycle City

Explores ways a fictitious city's residents recycle, reduce, and reuse waste. Although aimed at a younger audience, the site provides useful information on waste management. The site includes a simulation game (requires Shockwave).


MSNBC.com has environmental news and an interactive library.

6 Billion Human Beings

Eye-opening interactive tutorial on population growth from the Musee de l' Homme (Requires Shockwave)

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