Waterfall Environmental Science, Eighth Edition
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Chapter 12: Grasslands, Forests, and Wilderness: Sustainable Management Strategies

Controversy over Old-Growth Forest in the Pacific Northwest
In the Point/Counterpoint in Chapter 12, a Public Policy Manager for a forest products company and the general manager of the National Forest Council debate harvesting versus conservation of forestlands. In the text, I asked you to summarize their views and consider which view most closely relates to your view on the subject. To explore the issue further, we invite you to check out the web sites listed below. As you examine each site, be certain to identify who is providing the information and any hidden agendas they might have. The questions posed below will help you evaluate the web sites and clarify your own opinion. Spend a few minutes reviewing them before you start reading the information posted at these sites. Furthering the Exploration: To help you evaluate the Web sites and clarify your own opinion, write down your answers to the following questions. Taking an active part in this exercise will help you prepare for discussions in and out of your class.

1. What new facts, ideas, and viewpoints, if any, did these web sites provide for you? How did they further your understanding of this issue? Be specific.

2. Did your examination and analysis of the material affect your support of one of the two viewpoints presented in the text? If so, explain how and why.

3. After reading the material, can you think of an alternative position other than those taken by the authors? Explain it.

4. Do you think that the information provided by all organizations and individuals at the web sites you visited was reliable and unbiased? How much of the information was scientific? How much was viewpoint based on ethics?
Boise Cascade Corporation
The essayist for the Point side, Ralph Saperstein, is the Public Policy Manager for Boise Cascade. This link goes to the company's home page. Click on Forest Management to find more information about the company's position regarding forest use.
Oregon Forest Resource Institute
According to the home page, "the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) was created by the Oregon Legislature... to improve public understanding of the state's forest resources. OFRI provides information on Oregon's forest practices and encourages sound forest management."
Native Forest Council
The essayist for the Counterpoint side, Victor Rozek, is the general manager of the Native Forest Council. Click on "Learn More" for additional information on the NFC's views.
The Lands Council
The Lands Council describes itself as a front-line activist-based forest conservation group.

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